SPIRO Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.
It is a naturally occurring compound found in various plants, grapes, peanuts, wines and Japanese knotweed. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that have the potential to harm various cells in your body from skin cells to organ cells. Free radicals are molecules that can cause your body’s cells to react in unpredictable and damaging ways. Some studies suggest that free radicals may cause various types of cancer. Resveratrol may be of particular benefit to those who are recovering from illness or have a compromised immune system. Adding resveratrol to your diet may have many advantages such as boosting metabolism, increasing energy and stamina, lowering blood sugar, extending your lifespan, and lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Studies have shown that a fairly large dose of resveratrol may help you live a longer, healthier life with a reduced risk of various diseases.
The most familiar source of resveratrol is the skin of grapes. You’ve probably heard about this on television news shows such as Oprah, 20/20, Dateline, Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes. Nutritional Earth uses only the highest form of trans-resveratrol, resVida™ Resveratrol in its products. resVida™ Resveratrol contains pure, nature identical trans-resveratrol, which has been scientifically proven to have health benefits for the heart, brain and muscles. More recently, resveratrol was shown to mimic calorie restriction; the only scientifically proven way to extend life.
SPIRO IMPORTANT: ResVida™ Resveratrol from DSM Nutritional Products is the FIRST Resveratrol tested for safety with human efficacy studies!
ResVida™ Resveratrol:

Is a potent antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health and provides antioxidant activity
is a high potency rejuvenation compound that protects you from the aging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress
is a powerful antioxidant for graceful aging and promotes healthy aging
mimics the effect of calorie-restricted diets on promoting longevity
is an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage
helps to reduce muscle fatigue and promotes sustained muscle function

SPIRO Resveratrol Could Be The Way Of the Future
Who would have thought that one naturally occurring substance could possibly change the course of medical research? Indeed, since the incredible scientific results were released showing that resveratrol has a huge impact on the human body, researchers have been looking for other ways in which the power of this supplement can be utilized. Basically, resveratrol has been proven to offer a whole host of health benefits to the human body. But why is there so much hype around just one product? Well, it is like the invention of the telephone! Now that it has happened, there are so many new avenues that future research can take on key concerns.

SPIRO Boosting The Internal Health Of Your System
By supplementing with resveratrol you may be able to keep on top of health issues before they happen.
Resveratrol has been proven to have a beneficial effect in the maintenance of a healthy body.
"We May Have Found a Healthy Substance For Many Things"
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