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“For years, people have been at extended life expectancies of Europeans who drink red wine daily. Now the secret has been uncovered. Resveratrol has been at the center of ground-breaking anti-aging research”.

“Scientists at Harvard Medical School and elsewhere are studying a compound called
resveratrol found in grapes, wine and nuts. At high doses, it appears to prolong life spans and improve health in mice… Mice who took resveratrol lost weight, increased metabolism and doubled their exercise endurance”.
*Resveratrol appears to make fat men fitter

*Astaxanthin: The Miracle Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Nutrient

*Red Wine Ingredient Resveratrol Mimics Diet, Exercise in Obese Men

*Examining the Science Behind Resveratrol and Cardio Protecting the Heart

*Resveratrol supplements could improve heart health:

*Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory power
*Resveratrol’s heart health benefits pinpointed?

*Resveratrol shows anti-diabetes potent study:

*Resveratrol shows metabolic benefits for obese:

*Resveratrol may boost blood flow in the brain:
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